A bold step forward.

ikaSystems delivers business automation and process solutions that transform how health plans conduct commercial, Medicare, Medicaid, and ACO business. We can lower your total cost of ownership, increase your business agility, and add value for your constituents—all at the enterprise or modular level.

Our integrated yet modular Web-based platform works across all departments and business lines, generating cost savings and ensuring agility in an ever-changing healthcare landscape.

Our solutions enable you to focus your efforts to assess and manage:

  • Claims processing and administration
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Sales and marketing
  • Enrollment
  • Revenue optimization
  • Utilization management
  • Customer service
  • Self-service portals
  • Quality and cost of care
  • Provider (primary care, specialist, hospital, and network) performance

ikaSystems’ long-term partnership with Dell combines our comprehensive solutions with Dell’s expertise in business process outsourcing services. While we can work with any BPO partner you may prefer, you have the peace of mind of a BPO option that is familiar with our platform and is partnered with ikaSystems to create substantial value and savings for health plans.

Our customers

ikaSystems has been serving payers since 1999. Our customers are located across the United States and include all types and sizes, from small provider-owned plans to the largest regional insurers. Together, they represent about 20 million covered lives across all lines of business—commercial, Medicaid, Medicare—and include traditional insurers, managed Medicaid plans, Medicare Advantage plans, PBMs, and delegated risk providers.

Our technology

ikaSystems’ technology platform is an advanced, Web-based, software as a service (Saas) model that delivers low total cost of ownership and high levels of service.

Since computing takes place in the cloud, there’s no need to invest in hardware or software. Our flexible architecture allows you to integrate ikaSystems components with each other—as well as with legacy systems—with minimal effort and cost.

Our team of healthcare, technology, and service experts is dedicated to developing and operating cutting edge solutions to meet your business needs. Customers rely on ikaSystems for continual updates, superior security, high availability, and exceptional back-up and recovery capabilities that limit downtime to minutes in the event of a disaster. Due to the scale economies of serving multiple customers, we create efficiencies that keep maintenance costs low while ensuring data separation, confidentiality, and security.

Our people

At ikaSystems, our commitment to transforming how health plans do business extends to the entire customer experience. Our passion for our customers’ success and the integrity we bring to our business relationships are second to none.

We understand you need a partner with resources that enable you to conquer today’s challenges—and a vision that empowers you to anticipate tomorrow’s. Along the way, you’ll get all the support you need to go further than you ever imagined.