Hear what our clients have to say.

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John Ladaga
Chief Executive Officer

NASCO, Atlanta, GA
“Partnering with ikaSystems was a natural fit for NASCO, as the company’s solutions incorporate the same dependability, flexibility, scalability, and operational performance for which NASCO has become well known. In fact, NASCO and ikaSystems have many synergies that our Plan customers will benefit from, especially when it comes to reducing administrative and medical costs.”


Bill Connolly
Senior Vice President

Operations, WellMed Medical Management, San Antonio, TX

“We now have a system that is scalable so we can meet the demands of growth. Easy user configurability also means that we can quickly and efficiently address member, provider, and benefit changes and develop configuration programs that allow us to improve our business policy controls. The results are lower administrative costs and improved payment accuracy. At the same time, we’ve improved the service experience that members, providers, and patients receive.”


Randy Narowitz
Chief Executive Officer

Total Health Care, Detroit, MI

“We were impressed by the technology and design of ikaSystems’ offerings during our selection process, and over the last few months, we have found that their excellent solutions are supported by an equally high-caliber implementation team. ikaSystems promised us a dramatically shortened implementation cycle, and they have delivered, building 60 interfaces with existing systems and going live with the bulk of ikaEnterprise in only five months.”