Empower constituents, lower costs.


ikaPortals is a Web-based self-service platform that seamlessly integrates with all ikaSystems enterprise suite solutions to drive faster claims processing, lower administrative and operational costs, and improve stakeholder relations. The ikaPortals solution enables health plans to give employers, members, and providers access to and control over the data and processes that directly affect them in a real-time, HIPAA-compliant environment.

With ikaPortals, information entered by employers, members, and providers is immediately reflected in a health plan’s core systems, minimizing integration and maintenance costs for lower total cost of ownership. The solution’s self-service capabilities—including authorization requests and claims submissions—dramatically reduce a plan’s claims operations burden while speeding processes. Online letters and statements add even more cost savings—one plan reduced its EOB/EOP printing and administrative costs by 98%.

Employer Portal

Portal that empowers employer benefit administrators with a broad range of pre-enrollment, enrollment, post-enrollment, and renewal capabilities.

Member Portal

Portal that gives health plan members the ability to access, track, and perform administrative functions as well as to participate in care management programs.

Provider Portal

Portal for healthcare providers and office staff to control administrative transactions such as submitting authorization requests and claims in real time as well as to engage in care management.

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