Improved member satisfaction.


The Member Portal module of ikaPortals is an ideal solution for health plans seeking to maximize member self-service for enrollment, administration, and care management via a secure system. The Member Portal empowers members to perform functions themselves and creates an efficient, paperless path for two-way communication, increasing member satisfaction as well as driving improved care management. At the same time, plans reduce call center interactions and free up resources for other tasks.

Flexible and secure

ikaPortals is seamlessly integrated with other ikaSystems solutions and can be easily integrated with third-party systems. Also, ikaPortals can be automatically upgraded with little additional effort as updates become available.

As market demands and business needs evolve, you can easily configure the system without changing any code. This flexibility allows you to update existing plans, products, and networks yourself, significantly reducing maintenance costs.

The ikaPortals administrative suite enables you to create roles and designate role-based security. The Member Portal ensures that members can see only the information that pertains to them, and content management controls automatically keep content from being displayed past its expiration date.

The benefits speak for themselves

The Member Portal enables members to:

  • Sign on to the system with a single sign-on for ease of use
  • Receive HIPAA-compliant emails for initial system log-in
  • Feel confident their personal information is safe and can be viewed only by those who are authorized
  • View the products and plans available for enrollment, individual quotes, and plan benefit summaries as well as detailed plan benefits and descriptions
  • Enroll themselves and dependents
  • Change PCP, address, and other demographic information
  • View personal information
  • Access plan documents for all enrolled products, including benefit summaries, EOBs, and plan updates
  • Access and complete member surveys and polls
  • Search, view, and track benefits—including eligibility, co-pays, deductibles, and accumulators—
    for office visits and ER, urgent care, inpatient, outpatient, outpatient surgery, and other services
  • Search for in-network professionals and facilities
  • View claims and authorization information based on health plan rules
  • Change passwords
  • Request ID cards and replacement cards, and print temporary ID cards
  • Access links to external websites
  • Use secure messaging to communicate/interact with the health plan
  • Create and view ratings for providers
  • Complete health risk questionnaires and receive preliminary self-evaluation reports
  • Receive notifications and reminders for quality-of-care measures based on results of health risk questionnaires and HEDIS® based on age, gender, or disease conditions
  • Enter home-monitoring data such as blood pressure, blood sugar, and peak flow meter values into a disease log to facilitate case management
  • Receive easy-to-understand educational materials focused on chronic condition(s)
  • Maintain personal health records
  • Access mobile health care services according to health plan rules

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® HEDIS is a registered trademark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).