Effortless enrollment processing.


ikaSystems Consumer Web Portal (CWP) is an online Medicare enrollment portal that handles web-based enrollment application processing for beneficiaries electing to enroll in Medicare products. Its convenient interface enables requests to be processed quickly and easily, growing Medicare enrollment without increasing administrative costs.

ikaSystems Consumer Web Portal is a valuable option for Medicare Advantage plans using ikaMedicareGateway, the premier Medicare enrollment solution.

Effortless and efficient

ikaSystems Consumer Web Portal streamlines and automates online enrollment processing. The portal guides the user experience with customized plan selection based on applicant permanent address to increase accuracy with instant confirmation of application submission to ikaMedicareGateway. The solution simultaneously lowers administrative overhead while delivering a higher level of customer satisfaction.

As CMS regulations change, ikaSystems updates the system. Our simple, cost-effective maintenance allows automatic updates to meet CMS requirements.

The benefits speak for themselves

ikaSystems Consumer Web Portal enables you to:

  • Offer beneficiaries a convenient online self-application process with key logic
  • Seamlessly direct Medicare beneficiaries to the portal from the your website
  • Configure benefit plan selection on your website or within the CWP solution
  • Customize benefit plan selections based on the Medicare beneficiary’s county to
    ensure service area eligibility
  • Integrate PCP and Broker look-up features with ikaMedicareGateway
  • Provide instant notification to the beneficiary that the application has been
    successfully submitted
  • Expand Medicare enrollment without adding staff resources

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