More flexibility, lower cost.


ikaCorrespondence optimizes the production of a health plan’s letters without a print vendor for maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness. The automated letter management solution enables delivery of consistent, accurate correspondence that adheres to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) rules.

ikaCorrespondence is an easy-to-implement addition to any of ikaSystems’ stand-alone solutions for all health plan lines of business and is especially beneficial for Medicare Advantage plans.

Easily maintained

ikaCorrespondence provides a flexible, efficient way to update CMS-required letters that change annually as well as other health plan letters. The ability to create, edit, and print letter templates and make real-time changes saves time spent developing new templates each year and lowers costs by bringing printing in-house.

With ikaCorrespondence, you can achieve a level of standardization that helps you conform to CMS and other rules, which reduces your risk of financial penalties.

ikaCorrespondence requires little maintenance, resulting in lower costs. Smooth file transfers occur almost simultaneously within the ikaSystems technology platform. Updates are simple; when new versions of the solution become available, you can opt to promote them automatically.

The benefits speak for themselves

ikaCorrespondence enables you to:

  • Create and update templates—including logos, letter content, e-signatures, footers, and business rules—in real time
  • Build rules for variable language, logos, and footers
  • Automate activation of templates with “effective date” controls
  • View historical templates and current versions for easy version control
  • Manage file review and the approval process prior to printing for increased accuracy
  • View or download PDFs at the file, letter code, and member levels
  • Delete unnecessary letters at the file, letter code, and member levels
  • Automatically transfer PDFs of final letters to the source system
  • Archive all letter files and retain letter counts, images, and member details for all files processed through ikaCorrespondence
  • Gain in-house control over correspondence processes
  • Enhance confidence that correspondence meets CMS requirements

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