Meaningful, actionable data—fast.


ikaDWH provides a fully integrated data warehousing solution for meaningful reporting, allowing all of a health plan’s operational areas to manage to and achieve their goals. The ETL interface consolidates patient, provider, broker, enrollment, and insurance data from disparate sources and delivers it in one integrated environment to finance, enrollment, utilization, actuarial, claim, member services, and other functional areas—at the same time.

The highly scalable ikaDWH solution is designed for health plans using ikaSystems products that want to streamline data transmission without the risks associated with external transmissions. The dimensional model drives maximum efficiency and performance for a plan’s reporting needs.

Flexible and low-maintenance

ikaDWH is designed for quick, cost-effective implementation and maintenance. ikaSystems maintains the system, updating ikaDWH as the data structure within our products evolves. The solution can be seamlessly integrated with any third-party solution or legacy systems—and can be automatically upgraded with little additional effort as updates become available.

As market demands and business needs evolve, you can easily configure the system without changing any code. This flexibility allows you to update existing plans, products, and networks yourself, significantly reducing maintenance costs.

The benefits speak for themselves

ikaDWH enables you to:

  • Provide all departments with an integrated view of data from ikaSystems solutions, including sales, Medicare and commercial enrollment, claims, billing, and commissions data in a single consolidated screen
  • Easily integrate and aggregate data from other sources and vendor systems such as pharmacy, laboratory claims, billing, and medical management data
  • Access data from internal and external feeds starting on day one, with refreshes every 24 hours
  • Consolidate data from disparate sources to manage benefit accumulators and claims data without retaining an outside consultant or third-party administrator
  • Produce graphical views of trends and comparative analysis based on detailed data
  • Mitigate risk by keeping member data on-site so there’s no need for external data feeds and physical media transfers
  • Maintain an integrated, on-site central data repository for all medical management and clinical systems, eliminating constant external extracts and labor-intensive rework for annual reporting
  • Rapidly create key performance indicators, dashboards, and reports to support effective decision making
  • Create custom and parameter-driven reports and ad hoc queries with drill-down functionality
  • View changes for each piece of data at any level via record time-stamping
  • View authorizations for treatment within 24 hours so you can manage member care and provide cost-estimating information to medical economics and actuarial staff prospectively

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