Instant quality data.


ikaHEDIS drives on-time, accurate HEDIS® reporting with a standard set of HEDIS measures that health plans can check during the reporting year and submit to NCQA annually. The ikaProHEDIS solution augments the ikaHEDIS solution by adding proactive management of these scores via a flexible, Web-based application that combines analytic and workflow tools. Health plans can analyze their quality status anytime with easy-to-run ad hoc and customized reports using real-time or near-real-time data—and give providers access to current data so they can prevent or quickly close gaps in care.

ikaSystems’ HEDIS solutions are NCQA-certified. They are designed for health plans that need an efficient, accurate reporting tool from a vendor with experience; ikaSystems has been helping plans with automated, streamlined NCQA submissions since 1991.

Flexible and low-maintenance

To help ensure a successful experience, we designed the ikaHEDIS and ikaProHEDIS platform for quick, cost-effective implementation and maintenance. The solutions can be seamlessly integrated with any third-party solution or legacy system—including provider portals—and can be automatically upgraded with little additional effort as updates become available.

As market demands and business needs evolve, you can easily configure the system without changing any code. This flexibility allows you to update existing plans, products, and networks yourself, significantly reducing maintenance costs.

The benefits speak for themselves

ikaHEDIS/ikaProHEDIS enables you to:

  • Monitor HEDIS, HEDIS-like, and other quality measures throughout the year so you can identify gaps in care and focus on quality improvements that proactively impact member health
  • Measure quality to help manage and assess provider performance for your pay-for-performance and other incentive programs
  • Create nonstandard customized measures that you want to track
  • Ensure that measures not performed are flagged via alerts and triggered during the performance period while there is still time to complete the services
  • Generate reports that include unique state Medicaid requirements as well as NCQA-certified commercial and Medicare measures—via NCQA-certified software
  • Communicate results with physicians on a periodic basis to improve quality compliance before year-end reports
  • Improve relationships with providers and members by streamlining processes and information, leading to better health outcomes for improved HEDIS results
  • Customize views of data for individual users, including providers, to match their needs
  • Generate member reminder letters to promote care plan adherence and preventive care
  • Allow providers to update the system to more accurately represent the care given to members as well as to generate member reminder letters
  • Generate reports by health plan, provider group, individual provider, member, and any other group you request
  • Compare current-year HEDIS results against prior-year results to identify trends

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