Complete member view with less effort.


ikaMember360 allows health plans to optimize every member interaction with one flexible, configurable solution that automatically aggregates data from all its systems for a consolidated view of each member’s experience. Implementations typically take only two to three months, allowing plans to rapidly seize opportunities for improving care management, lowering customer service costs, and increasing member satisfaction.

ikaMember360 condenses each health plan member’s demographic, health, and servicing data into a single page for effective communication and outreach. Care managers can view information to check accuracy, identify gaps in care, and take action as needed. With a concise view of key member data, call center representatives can resolve or triage problems more efficiently. This unique solution can also support internal operations, marketing, sales, medical economics, and other health plan functions with role-based security.

Flexible and low-maintenance

ikaMember360 is designed to provide a window into each member’s experience with your plan via a flexible platform that you can implement and maintain cost-effectively. The solution can be seamlessly integrated with any ikaSystems solutions or used as a stand-alone solution with legacy systems. As updates become available, ikaMember360 can be automatically upgraded with little additional effort.

The benefits speak for themselves

ikaMember360 enables you to:

  • View a member’s personal information and preferences in a single screen—including demographics, linguistic and contact preferences, claims details, benefit accumulators, and correspondence logs
  • Control access to member information based on role in accordance with business and regulatory guidelines via easy configuration capabilities
  • Give customer service representatives access to a member’s financial experience to help the member choose a plan that better matches historical utilization
  • View a blueprint of a member’s healthcare experience—including gaps in care, suspected and confirmed diagnoses, assessment status, care management program opportunity and current participation, and upcoming appointments
  • Better support campaigns to address gaps in care, HEDIS®, Stars, and proactive care
  • Improve continuity and coordination of care/services, and reduce medical costs by increasing quality-of-care rates
  • Increase member satisfaction with customer service by facilitating less time spent per call to reach goals and solve problems, shorter hold times, and more first-call resolutions
  • Increase revenue via higher call volume per customer service representative, lower number of repeat calls, and increased user productivity and efficiency
  • Audit data via automated tracking, saving, and time-stamping of each update

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