Efficient, transparent sales management.


ikaCRM transforms your sales and marketing operations by driving greater efficiencies in lead, campaign, and sales material management. It provides automation for critical sales and marketing processes via an easily configured, low-maintenance delivery model to expedite lead and marketing management.

This solution is designed to address the needs of your commercial lines of business. It enables dramatic improvements in tracking and maintaining information throughout the life cycle of a lead, providing total acquisition cost data to support ROI measurement to drive increased membership and lower cost per sale.

Easy to configure and maintain

ikaCRM automates processes to reduce the amount of administrative time and effort needed to generate and nurture leads. It provides real-time updates of an application or enrollment status, allowing sales personnel to more quickly resolve questions a potential member has—and reduce the workload of other staff that relay status information.

As your commercial business evolves, you can easily configure the system without changing any code. This flexibility allows you to update existing plans and products yourself, significantly reducing the cost of maintenance.

ikaCRM can also be integrated with any third party solution or legacy system—and can be automatically upgraded with little additional effort as updates become available.

The benefits speak for themselves

ikaCRM enables you to:

  • Provide sales executives with all lead and member data in one location
  • Give sales agents application and enrollment status updates throughout the membership process—in real time
  • Configure lead workflow and automate lead assignment
  • Create custom work queues and user dashboards
  • Track all interactions—phone, email, or letter—by lead, and schedule upcoming interactions or follow-ups
  • Manage campaigns and link to individual lead records for insight on campaign effectiveness and total spend
  • Manage events with email invitation function and real-time reservation tracking
  • Manage literature and kits with the ability to attach requested information to lead records and track collateral inventory
  • Integrate the fulfillment process with internal or external organizations to track pending requests, date mailed, and date received
  • Sync appointment scheduling between ikaCRM and your Outlook server

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