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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) five-star rating program continues to reward high levels of preventive care, customer service, and regulatory compliance. But plans that don’t measure up face lower payments or loss of contracts.


Enroll members quickly

ikaMedicareGateway enables you to enroll Medicare beneficiaries according to CMS regulations with speed, accuracy, and real-time eligibility and entitlement checks. Enrollment data is published daily to the customer relationship management solution for immediate access.

Prevent disenrollment

ikaMedicareGateway reporting enables you to gain insight into disenrollments by type, which can lead to better—or more—member correspondence and outreach to retain members. And because the reporting is in real time, you can take proactive steps for minimizing disenrollment throughout the year.

Reduce customer complaints

The capabilities of ikaMedicareGateway, ikaCorrespondence, and ikaCRM for Medicare empower you to increase the satisfaction of Medicare members by making it easy for them to enroll and by providing the right information when they need it. By providing your brokers and agents with easy access to current, correct information, you can ensure smooth interactions with current and prospective members.


Lower operating cost

Customers have realized productivity improvements of over 100% due to using ikaSystems automation and workflow tools designed for CMS guidance and adherence.

Fast, accurate enrollment

Health plans using our Medicare solutions have seen dramatic impacts on performance and customer satisfaction measures that impact Star ratings, including over 99% new enrollment success rates and 80% reduction in application processing time.

More satisfied customers

With faster services, improved communications, and more accurate information in the hands of health plan representatives, you can improve the customer experience to positively impact Star measures.

Higher Star ratings

Using ikaMedicareGateway, WellCare’s Medicare Advantage plan received five out of five stars from CMS for handling new enrollment requests within seven days.