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Navigating evolving market conditions and changing regulations, today’s health plans need bold solutions to improve revenue generation across all lines of business.

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Identify, attract, and retain members

ikaSystems Sales and Member Acquisition Solutions enable health plans to optimize pre- and post-sales activities for all lines of business—both individual and groups—with modular yet integrated member acquisition tools.

Easily expand capabilities

All ikaSystems solutions can easily be scaled up to accommodate any number of users. For the past decade, ikaSystems has seamlessly supported health plans as they have added members, grown their businesses, and increased revenue-generation opportunities.

Meet market demands

ikaSystems offers advanced sales automation, marketing, and core administration tools that enable health plans to seize opportunities for emerging products quickly and efficiently. Also, the flexible technology on which our solutions are built allows us to rapidly develop new solutions and change existing ones to help you meet evolving market demands with agility.

Improve Star ratings

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Star ratings drive Medicare Advantage rates, and a range of solutions across ikaSystems Government Services Solutions and Medical Management and Analytics Solutions help health plans drive Star ratings through better compliance; more efficient operations; and monitoring, achieving, and reporting key quality metrics.

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Speedier sales cycle

With the flexibility of modular member acquisition tools, you can increase the speed to sale for faster revenue generation.


Without any limits to ikaSystems user numbers, you can expand membership and product lines without concern about the capacity of your health plan’s business systems.

Market readiness

ikaSystems solutions are designed for maximum agility, and we are continually developing new ones so you can address emerging market opportunities quickly.

Improved quality and member satisfaction

A host of ikaSystems solutions capture key quality measures and drive proactive quality programs that help improve member health and satisfaction, which in turn support acquisition and retention.