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Today’s health plans must manage administrative costs even as they address new MLRs, regulations, and market opportunities. But plans with dated, inflexible, high-maintenance, and undependable technology struggle to achieve the efficiency and agility needed to progress toward this goal.


Move into the cloud

The ikaSystems technology platform is Web-based, and the hosted system uses a single, regularly upgraded code base for our modules. The cloud computing model provides an advanced infrastructure— including 24×7 availability and an automated backup system—without the burden of installation and maintenance.

Update your technology architecture

ikaSystems system developers use the latest enterprise software tools to design architecture and platforms that maximize health plan operations and performance. For example, our core Administrative Solutions suite is the only one of its kind architected in this century.

Don’t customize, configure

Installed software requires costly customization services to meet your business needs. ikaSystems cloud technology allows you to easily configure features to match your operation’s environment so you can lower your initial installation and ongoing expenses.


More efficiency, lower costs

Health plans see remarkable returns when they invest in the ikaSystems platform. One large health plan reduced its operational costs 45%-60% by replacing its existing legacy and homegrown systems with ikaSystems’ integrated Medicare solution.

Flexibility to address market demands

Our technology enables you to configure features for your needs, so you can quickly make changes as the market changes at any time. For example, you can configure new benefit designs, new risk-sharing arrangements, or exchange-based functions within days.

Fast implementation

There’s no software to install with ikaSystems cloud computing model. And no need for customization with our easily configurable solutions. So implementation time shrinks from years to months— shortening your time to value.

Reliable, cost-effective service

Our software development team supports many customers, so the overall costs and hassles of maintaining the system are minimized. And you can count on regular updates, 24×7 system availability, and an automatic backup system with the assurance of less than 15 minutes downtime even in the event of a disaster.