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Medicare Advantage plans must meet the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requirements for Medicare enrollment and payment reconciliation with accuracy and speed—or risk losing revenue, paying penalties, and limiting growth.


Fast, accurate enrollment

ikaMedicareGateway is a powerful tool that enrolls Medicare members according to CMS regulations through features that include real-time eligibility and completeness checks as well as verification of a beneficiary’s entitlement information.

Streamlined payment reconciliation

ikaSystems Payment Reconciliation solution automates and streamlines payment and account processing for improved efficiency, faster discrepancy resolution, and enhanced management reporting.

Flexible letter generation

ikaCorrespondence enables you to manage letter templates and create correspondence to meet multiple CMS requirements for enrollment and reconciliation without a vendor, maximizing flexibility and lowering costs.


Faster, more accurate enrollment and reconciliation

Greater efficiencies and fewer errors result in administrative cost savings and greater capacity for growth. Clients using our Medicare enterprise solution suite have achieved:

  • 102% increase in productivity
  • 80% reduction in application processing time
  • Over 99% new enrollment success rates
  • 40% growth in membership

Payment optimization

Reduced rejection rates lower the risk of lost enrollment and reconciliation revenue.

Risk management

Ensuring compliance with CMS enrollment and member payment reconciliation rules alleviates the risk of financial or other penalties and the accompanying harm to your brand.