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Driven by regulatory requirements and the need to stay lean to survive, health plans today are seeking to reduce administrative and medical costs while maintaining or improving the member experience and quality of care.


Conform to regulations

ikaSystems Government Services Solutions and Medical Management and Analytics Solutions help health plans manage processes in accordance with industry standards and regulations, including medical loss ratio thresholds, and complex Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requirements.

Lower administrative and IT costs

ikaSystems enables you to reduce administrative costs by replacing slow, error-prone manual processes with efficient, rules-based electronic processing and workflow solutions.

Expand self-service capabilities

With ikaPortals, health plans can give their stakeholders self-service capabilities that improve data accuracy and immediacy. When everyone shares the same information in a familiar Web-based format, collaboration and reduced cycle times become the norm.

Improve care quality

ikaSystems Medical Management and Analytic Solutions enable proactive management of members along the entire care continuum by delivering vital information about the cost and quality of care to providers and members when, where, and how it can best influence behavior.

Speed time to value

Adapting quickly to market change depends on tools and systems that can adapt quickly with you. All ikaSystems solutions can be implemented rapidly, configured almost entirely by end users, and easily kept current with regulatory and other requirements.


Regulatory compliance

ikaSystems designs and continually updates its solutions to address current CMS and other regulatory requirements so you can improve compliance and minimize financial risk.

Reduced administrative costs

ikaSystems advanced automated solutions lower costs by maximizing business process efficiencies and reducing the costs of compliance, maintenance, and total ownership through regular upgrades.

Lower medical costs

ikaSystems solutions help health plans and their provider networks identify areas for quality improvement and trigger activities that can improve member health and lower medical costs.

Quick ROI

The ability to quickly seize market opportunities, realize needed cost savings, improve regulatory compliance, or do all of the above is the reason so many health plans turn to ikaSystems.